Alma Birth Center

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Having a baby at the birth center is often seen as the best of both worlds.

A recent (Nov. 2018) CMS government study of low risk women using birth centers showed: a significant increase in the breastfeeding rate, a reduction in pre-term labor, a lower cesarean rate, better outcomes, and lower cost. Click to read more.

“Wow! How do you begin to thank someone for being part of one of the most important journeys of one's life? The guidance, kindness, education, support and compassion you all showed to my family is greatly appreciated. I came to this pregnancy with fear from my first birth and the Alma midwives gave me a truly beautiful natural birth in the birth center. One moment that I will always remember is holding Lillian in the  afternoon and the light through the prism windows sent little rainbows all over the Fern Room bed. What a moment to cherish! You are all forever in our hearts!” - Stephanie T.

An Alma birth center birth is like giving birth in a spa-like bed and breakfast! Each of our four birth rooms is designed for your laboring, birthing and postpartum comfort. Most hospitals have large labor rooms and then house you in a closet-sized postpartum room. Not at Alma!

At the onset of your 3rd trimester you will be provided a list of supplies to bring to the birth center. We will do a practice session with you in the room that you choose to give birth in (please pick a 1st & 2nd choice room). A run-through, complete with sitting on the birth stool, talking about labor positions, getting in the tub, practicing “catching” the baby and optimal breastfeeding positions really helps you prepare.

Often a homevisit will be offered in early labor. Once active labor starts, we will meet you at the birth center. The drive to the center can be a discomfort — just keep in mind the warm tub of water already drawn for you! We even light candles around the tub. In the heat of summer, we have A/C and for cold days, each room has individually controlled heat. The Fern Room even has a fireplace for those cozy winter births.

Nitrous oxide and CCHD (critical congenital heart disease) screening are available in the birth center & not at home.

A big perk of the center is the ease for the birthing person’s partner. In the postpartum, we serve you both nourishing food in bed. You get to relax and enjoy your new baby, receive education and support, and also know that someone has an experienced eye on both mother and baby. It’s only natural to keep you together in one big bed. There is not the single hospital bed for Mom and the “cot in the corner” situation for her partner found in institutional birth settings.

The birth center is centrally located and close to our transport hospitals.

See Postpartum - Birth Center for more information.

Birth Rooms

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Fern Room

This is our newest room & has been a massive hit! A stunning nature mosaic wrapped around the tub, by artist Christen Derr, brings in the northwest woodland feel. On winter days, a bright fire cheers the laboring family and many a newborn has been warmed in its heat. For you summer birthers, yes to sun-blocking shades and A/C.

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Clover Room

Newly updated to reflect the trend toward warm colors and feminine tones with dashes of dusty rose. This room feels like the heart of Alma. It is the most private as it is tucked far from the front door. If you are drawn to an almost cave-like primitive space, this quiet room is for you. We added a new adjustable king-sized bed, which has been perfect for nursing in comfort. Yes, A/C!

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Lily Room

As midwives we are interested in the relationship between humankind and nature, and the connections between the two. With all the plants in this room and the natural light, it is like a trip to a hidden oasis. The tub has three open sides for freedom of movement. The ceiling hook allows for a yoga sling - just one of the many options designed to facilitate spontaneous birth. Yes, A/C!

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Trillium Room

Formally the Madrone Room. The tub has the three sides like the trillium flower. There is a henna-like border and if you look closely, you’ll see each contains a 10 cm circle. Inspiring! Over a thousand births have occurred at Alma, and most have been in  this treehouse of a room. We think all those new beings coming in have left the room charged with love. A/C for sure! 

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