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Alma is continually accepting apprentice applications. An Alma apprenticeship is much sought after. Unfortunately we can only accept a select few of the many applicants each year.

Apprentices work alongside CNMs and CPMs and attend 3-5 births per month, several prenatal and postnatal visits per week and learn evidenced based midwifery.  Candidates must be actively enrolled or a graduate of a MEAC-accredited program or utilizing the portfolio evaluation process (PEP). RNs who wish to learn midwifery prior to entering a CNM program have also apprenticed with Alma. Applicants must be prepared for a rigorous apprentice opportunity of rich learning and hands-on experience.

If you are an inexperienced midwife-to-be, expect that your training will take a minimum of three full years before you can safely practice as a primary midwife (3 years is the internationally-accepted minimum hands-on training length). The length of your apprenticeship is something you can discuss with your preceptor; a one year commitment is recommended.

Write a cover letter and include your resume to begin the process.

Send resume to:

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