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Giving birth at home—the way it’s always been done.

Midwives have always known how to support women through normal, healthy births. If women are allowed to trust and listen to their bodies, they will naturally seek out dark, safe, quiet places to give birth. While home birth is portrayed as new, trendy idea, it’s actually a very old one. Surrounded by people you love and trust, your body can release the hormones that allow you to open up and let your baby out.



Having a baby at the Birth Center is often seen as the best of both worlds!

Women choose to birth at Alma instead of at home for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is the appeal of the postpartum pampering, sometimes it is an insurance billing choice, and sometimes it’s the fact that being at Alma is more appealing than their particular home situation. Often, mothers of older children love the idea of having a “babymoon” at the birth center to enjoy some special alone time with their newborns.



Home, Birth Center, or Hospital?

Often this choice is up to the pregnant person and the other parent (if there is one), but sometimes your health, the baby’s health, your history and location of your home make one birth location more optimal. The beauty of Alma is that you can start care not knowing where you want to give birth. As your pregnancy unfolds, the best place is often revealed to you.




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